Streetview coverage in go2streetview plugin 7.0

In the last 7.0 release of the plular qgis plugi go2streetview the menu has been re-organized including an “Options” section including some new features. Is now possible to load a layer with the streetview coverage showing the location where the service is available. This new feature was made possible including code portions of TileLayerPlugin by Minoru Aka.


Furthermore, is now possible to toggle visibility of streetview controls checking/unchecking the respective options item.

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changeDatasourcePlugin plugin release 2.0

The plugin has received several main improvements and minor changes:


  1. Data sources browsing
  2. Bad Layers Handling
  3. Expression driven data sources replace

Data source browsing


New data source selection can now be performed by a Qgis browser widget between those currently available.  Clicking on browse button in the contextual windows or in in the datasources tables now appears Qgis browser instance where can be specified the new datasource to apply.

Bad Layers Handling

This feature has been developed thanks to Baswein suggestions who contributed with a precious and accurate plugin testing during development.

The plugin can handle bad layers replacing the standard bad layer manager with the datasources table. The new feature has been developed thanks to The standard bad layer manager allows to fix only at the opening of the project.


If not reconciled at the opening of the project, bad layers and their related settings (for example symbologies, labels, joins …) are definitively lost. Furthermore datasources browsing is allowed only for file datasources (OGR and GDAL). For other datasources the only way is to manually modify connection string.

The new feature allows to specify bad layers with missing datasources later, during qgis project session, specifying them with the same plugin methods.

The bad layers handling have to be activated checking “Handle bad layers” checkbox located at the bottom of the main plugin dialog, and restarting QGis.cds2.png

Once activated the improved Bad Layers Handling, if missing datasources are detected the following dialog appears after loading the project.cds4
The dialog notifies that the bad layers are now handled by changeDatasource plugin.

The bad layers awaiting to be reconciled are keeped with all their properties and settings under the “unhandled layers” group located at the bottom of legend tree.

Bad layers are reconciled specifying a new valid and compatible datasource with the contextual dialog or by the datasources table. Unhandled layers are marked with light brown backgroundcds5
If successfully reconciled the layers are moved from the “unhandled layers” group to their original legend position, preserving in this way the right project draw order.

Expression driven data sources table replacing

The datasource table dialog allows a new method for massive change of layers datasources using expressions. The well known widget can be used to rewrite the datasources using layers properties (filename, data type, provider, geometry type ….) as fields:


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changeDataSource plugin release 1.0

the new qgis plugin allows to change the datasource of layers already loaded preserving all properties and settings (symbology, labels, joins, relations) using methods already exposed. The plugin operates in two operating modes: per layer or per project. In the first way it is possible to operate directly on layer right clicking on legend items, modifying the datasource type and string and applying the edits.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 20.25.02Screenshot 2015-09-30 20.29.09

in the second way clicking on toolbar icon, the plugin exposes on an editable table datasource types and connection strings for all the loaded layers allowing global edits with a find and replace function or a direct edit on the cells. Datasource are not modified directly; modified cells are marked in yellow and the edits have to be applied to be effective, and visible on map canvas. Valid edits are marked in green while the invalid ones in red.


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postgisQueryBuilder v1.6.0

New release for postgisQueryBuilder. The plugin is aimed to to provide a friendly environment to perform spatial analysis in postgresql/postgis without having to deal with SQL code. It is not intented to replace the Qgis built-in DBManager that have a wide usage that covers all aspects of Qgis/Postgis interaction. It can be used in educational environments for a live analysis of the structure of the common spatial queries. The plugin can manage postgresql views and can be used for deploying spatial analysis frameworks based on chains of spatial relations.


  • The UI has been completely redesigned to fit in a vertical dockable widget splitting functions in six tabbed slots: CONNECTION, QUERY, FILTER, SQL, TABLE, HISTORY
  • New function on db objects: layer information rename, move to another schema, editing views sql definition
  • geometry validation
  • auto detecting of primary key and geometry fields
  • many bug fixes (thanks to nejctrdinEDiLD)


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go2streetview v6.5

v6.5 (27/7/2015)
1) Map rotation support
2) Bing bird’s eye connection issues fixed
3) Proxying issues fixed
4) Proxying subnet exclusions fixed
5) Line and polygon infolayer support
6) Select and edit attributes from info layers
7) A4 keymap pdf printing
8) Buttons toolbar compacted
9) Map follows streetview option

infoLayer_sv2infoLayer_bing2print leaflet001

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