postgisQueryBuilder v1.3

New release with many new features and bug fixes. Thanks to Giovanni Manghi for suggestions and bugs reporting

Download plugin


1) Dialog reformatted to optimize GUI for mac_os and linux desktop
2) Added support for other schemas than ‘public’.
3) Moved to Database menu.
4) Added Layers functions panel
5) Added Spatial join query type
6) Added Analytical join query type




  1. Roman

    Mr Enrico,
    I’m trying to connect potsgisQueryBuilder to my database but I have problem. I have added connection to potsgis database in qGIS and everything is working fine. Then I’m choosing that connection in postgisQueryBuilder but nothing happen. I cannot see my schemas or avaliable tables, views etc. I’m using ver 1.3, downloaded from official repository. What can be wrong?
    Thank you in advance for answer.

    • enricofertest

      Hi, I Got to ask something.
      1) Do you get the issue with a specific database or with every available postgis connection?
      2) Are the connection parameters of the connection stored in non latin chars?
      3) do the schemas or tables in your databases have name in non latin chars?
      4) if you open Python debug window what do you get running plugin?

      • Roman

        I get issue with every connection I have.
        Connection parameters are stored in latin chars.
        Schemas and table names are in latin chars also.
        Don’t know how to open debug window 😦
        In addition, some tables have different key fields.

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