postgisQueryBuilder v1.4

Many bug fixes and ui improvements. New tutorial on Youtube

Download plugin

Fixed schema definition issues
Fixed attribute layer name issues
Fixed tables unicode decoding error
Fixed key and geometry defaults definition issues
Fixed ui implementation issues
Fixed non standard tcp port database connection issue
Default to schema “public” if available
Reload of available layers when connection tab get focus
Added history tab of valid queries
Key field and geometry field slots moved to the bottom of dialog view




  1. Keith

    The postgisQueryBuilder plugin will not install and load. Using QGIS version 2.2.0-Valmiera, PostgreSQL 9.1.13
    I use DBmanger to connect to postgis within QGIS so I am thinking that this may be the reason the postgisQueryBuilder plugin
    will not install and load. Anybody else experience this issue? and what is the solution?

    Here is the error message: The plugin is broken. Python said: No module name QtSql

    • enricofertest

      it appears that your python paths are not right or the qtsql library have to be installed properly.
      Try search google with “qgis python path” and “qgis qtsql cannot import” to find out a solution as it depends from the your os.
      DbManager is a core plugin written in C++ that does not depends from python libraries

      • keith

        I mentioned DBmanager because I already have it installed and connect to all my GIS tables. I can execute queries using DBmanager. I am thinking that the querybuilder maybe has a depedancy that is not being satisfied during the install and load process that maybe is being blocked by the established connection to the database by DBmanager. Thanks for your feedback.

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