go2streetview v5.0

CHANGELOG v5.0 (4/11/2014)
1) Dockable Dialog Window
2) Reformat dialog Button Position
3) Click on Dialog to trigger tool
4) Terms of service agreement


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    • enricofertest

      Google Terms of service do not allow to local save of imagery except for caching purpouse.
      “Take a Snapshot” saves only a url reference in “Streetview_snapshots_log” layer. In the actual release the log is stored in a shapefile stored in the snapshots directory located in the plugin directory (usually: [user home directory]/.qgis/python/plugins/go2streetview) but in the next releases it will finally become a memory layer to fulfil the TOS statement that denies the formation of local databases of google data.


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  2. daniele

    Hi, I have noticed that once installed the plugin, if I access WMS / WFS on internal network server, qgis me back “proxy denied” while services outside the network works. If I remove the plugin proxy QGIS works! Plugin tried on Qgis 2.6.1 and 2.4.
    Congratulations to the plugin there is very helpful.

      • daniele

        Qgis operates within a network and proxy options work correctly on both wms / wfs internal and external: (with no plugin installed) 🙂
        Qgis proxy config:
        Port: 80
        Exclude: (internal server WMS / WFS)

        Proxy my workstation (ubuntu 12.04 LTS):
        env | grep -i proxy

        http_proxy = http: // 80 /
        ftp_proxy = ftp: // 80 /
        UBUNTU_MENUPROXY = libappmenu.so
        https_proxy = https: // 80 /
        no_proxy = localhost, / 8 *.

        It seems to be an issue of exclusion of the internal IP.
        In the file go2streetview.py do not know if you have to provide for a Directive of the type
        “mExcludedURLs = excludes” them is perhaps the problem?

  3. enricofertest

    I cannot replicate the issue behavior on my windows system as I can access inside and outside web services with the plugin installed and proxy correctly configured with subnet exclusion.
    The proxy configuration inside the plugin does not seem to affect the application connections. Anyway, the qt library that provide proxy connectivity to the plugin have not this option at all.
    But having a deeper look to you proxy conf I noticed that no_proxy list in your system configuration does not contain the internal wms/wfs server, but I can’t figure why this could affect qgis application. Try to change it adding and let me know.

    • daniele

      I had already tried to set the exclusion even in the proxy PC system as well as in Qgis, but the result did not change. At this point I think it will consult the system administrator to see if the network proxy company does not block anything. Thanks to the availability.
      If I find a solution to let you know.

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