go2streetview for ground mapping surveys

I report this interesting application plugin go2streetview for measuring coordinates of objects visible from different positions:


Thanks to the author for the great idea ….



  1. Sergey Golubev

    Hello! I am the author of this article. Thank you for the plugin. If you modify it a bit, it will be possible to know the amount of wood in the forest (a modernized method of Bitterlich). It will be great for Forest Research and mapping of vegetation. If you are interested or need my help – write to schwejk-rpnt@rambler.ru.
    Yours faithfully, Sergey Golubev
    P.S. Sorry for the clumsy English

    • enricofertest

      Hi Sergey,
      your post inspired me, so I briefly write a qgis plugin to apply the empical method you suggested. Here are the steps to install it:

      1) download it from github: https://github.com/enricofer/stereoSurveys/archive/v0_1.zip
      2) unzip and move the content to the .qgis plugin directory usually located under user home directory (for example in windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\.qgis2\python\plugins or in linux systems: /home/[username]/qgis2/python/plugins)
      3) restart qgis to compile plugin
      4) activate plugin from plugin/manage plugins menu in qgis
      5) toggle open/close dialog widget with a paper plane icon

      Zipped along with plugin data you can find a sample project (sample/pratoDellaValle.qgs) referred to default plugin panoramas located in a large historical square that I use as sandbox to test the behavior.

      When you open qgis sample project (sample/pratoDellaValle.qgs) with the plugin activated you can see a desktop like this:

      I would be very glad if you could test it and return feedbacks.
      Regards. Enrico Ferreguti.

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