Changing datasource with Layer Board plugin

Layer board plugin allows to change main layer properties such as name, crs and max and min visual scales.   Michaël Douchin, the plugin developer, merged a pull request provided to modify datasource field as from previous post.

The source|uri field can be edited to point the layer to a different file/connection. The string has to declare the datasource type (ogr, spatialite, postgis, oracle, mysql …) separated with  “|” (pipe) from the uri of the datasource.

For Ogr datasources the uri is absolute system path to the file. For other datasurces the uri consists in a connection string that is possible to retrieve from the layer source string reported in layer properties.

The plugin verifies if the target layer is valid and has a compatible geometry type before accept uri|source edits. Anyway, as any other layer property, the datasource changes have to be applied to be available. When applying the layers are reloaded taking care of all layer settings (style, joins , filters …)

Tutorial on youtube



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