go2streetview v6.5

v6.5 (27/7/2015)
1) Map rotation support
2) Bing bird’s eye connection issues fixed
3) Proxying issues fixed
4) Proxying subnet exclusions fixed
5) Line and polygon infolayer support
6) Select and edit attributes from info layers
7) A4 keymap pdf printing
8) Buttons toolbar compacted
9) Map follows streetview option

infoLayer_sv2infoLayer_bing2print leaflet001

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  2. Servonnat

    Great plugin. I use it every day. And nice new features
    I see only one problem: It is still difficult to move indise the window.
    And a request: the integration of the date of the photo would be very nice
    Otherwie it’s perfect. Thanks a lot

    • enricofertest

      Info layer feature is made possible by a strict integration between python and javascript allowed by Qt library. Python Plugin provides the Javascript in page by geojson of context, Than the javascript draws on panorama view, markers and lines. The markers visualization is supported directly by Google Maps api, that allows to add markers to map as well as to panorama view. Regardings lines and polygons, I made a workaround catching dom ids of invisible vertex markers and linking each other by drawing on a canvas Overlay.
      It’s a bit complex. But if you have specific question about the code, I can give you further info.

      • Edwin Pleijsier

        Thanks for the reply and yes on the furher info, please. But keep in mind that i’m no codewriter (yet) just a gis user, lol.
        If i can see my data in the streetview window, that’d be awsome.

    • enricofertest

      When you open infolayer dialog you can find many options
      – enable/disable info layer
      – info layer combobox to select the layer to superimpose in streetview. Points layer are visualized as markers, Line layers as blue lines, Poligon layers as line with a marker on centroid
      – distance buffer to specify the domain in between layer feature are send to plugin for visualization. NB: distance has to be specified in meters or feet for projected maps (depends on projection units) and degrees for geographic projection such Wgs 84
      – info field (optional) to specify by an expression the content field to visualize hovering on marker on streetview window
      – icon Path (optional) to specify the marker icon with an expression. This means that markers can be categorized by a CASE WHEN ELSE statement
      – enable html infobox to specify a html template for markers balloons appearing on user click
      – enable map commands that allow to control attributes and view control directly from infobox

  3. Mitch

    Hi. Great plugin. Just updated it and now every time I re-size the street view window QGIS completely crashes. Any idea on why this is happening and what I might do to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

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