postgisQueryBuilder v1.6.0

New release for postgisQueryBuilder. The plugin is aimed to to provide a friendly environment to perform spatial analysis in postgresql/postgis without having to deal with SQL code. It is not intented to replace the Qgis built-in DBManager that have a wide usage that covers all aspects of Qgis/Postgis interaction. It can be used in educational environments for a live analysis of the structure of the common spatial queries. The plugin can manage postgresql views and can be used for deploying spatial analysis frameworks based on chains of spatial relations.


  • The UI has been completely redesigned to fit in a vertical dockable widget splitting functions in six tabbed slots: CONNECTION, QUERY, FILTER, SQL, TABLE, HISTORY
  • New function on db objects: layer information rename, move to another schema, editing views sql definition
  • geometry validation
  • auto detecting of primary key and geometry fields
  • many bug fixes (thanks to nejctrdinEDiLD)


Cheat Sheet



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