go2streetview 7.2

It’s time to stabilize our relationship with Google setting an API key for go2streetview plugin as from Terms of Service:
The Google Maps API key allows to control Streetview service quota usage.  The new plugin release allows to specify the Google Maps API key in the licence dialog window:

A new key can be obtained going to the Google Maps APIs or clicking on “Get a new Google Maps API key” hyperlink in the licence text window.

clicking on Get a Key and specifying a new project

you will finally obtain a API key:

copy the API key text and paste it back into the plugin licence window:



  1. Massimo

    It seems to ask a billing account to do the procedure descibed above…. It is correct ? you need to provide a credit card number ?

    • Steve

      We have been using Go2StreetView for the past few years in our business. Since it started requiring the API Key, I advised each user to set up a work account for the API they use at work. This is only for occasional use of this excellent plugin, no other projects.

      Now with this requirement for a billing account, I am wondering whether we can carry on using the plugin at all, and if so, how best to arrange it. It is a shame.

  2. Antoni Colom Fernández

    I’m was using go2streetview for several months with no problems.
    Today the go2streetview window has a “for development proposes only” and street views have weird colors.

    Have you the same problem?

  3. Gemma

    I can’t find the screen to enter de API KEY.

    Could you describe me how I can find it?


  4. Cornelius

    Hey, great PlugIn – thanks!
    I am trying to use get_streetview_url(1) but i always get “no imagery for location”. Is it released to the new API rules? thanks …

    • enricofertest

      thank you.
      for the expression functions you havo to enable static street view api in developers console. anyway google terms of service have changed many times recently and maybe some options have been automatically disabled.

  5. geolux14

    I have configured the pluing in QGIS 3.22.8 and I set a new APY key, expressly created, but the image is still negative and display “For development purposes only”

      • geolux14

        Hi Enrico, thank’s for your answer.
        have you advice (or link) that explains which correct process must be done to activate a new API Key? there are different type of API Key?

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