go2streetview 7.2

It’s time to stabilize our relationship with Google setting an API key for go2streetview plugin as from Terms of Service:
The Google Maps API key allows to control Streetview service quota usage.  The new plugin release allows to specify the Google Maps API key in the licence dialog window:

A new key can be obtained going to the Google Maps APIs or clicking on “Get a new Google Maps API key” hyperlink in the licence text window.

clicking on Get a Key and specifying a new project

you will finally obtain a API key:

copy the API key text and paste it back into the plugin licence window:



  1. Massimo

    It seems to ask a billing account to do the procedure descibed above…. It is correct ? you need to provide a credit card number ?

    • Steve

      We have been using Go2StreetView for the past few years in our business. Since it started requiring the API Key, I advised each user to set up a work account for the API they use at work. This is only for occasional use of this excellent plugin, no other projects.

      Now with this requirement for a billing account, I am wondering whether we can carry on using the plugin at all, and if so, how best to arrange it. It is a shame.

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